Carpet Cleaning

North Coast Carpet Pros provides high quality carpet cleaning services in Fortuna, CA and surrounding areas. Our technicians are experts in stain, pet hair, and mold removal. Count on us for complete sanitizing and mold removal with our services.

Protect Your Family’s Health

Clean carpet contributes to a healthier environment for people with allergies and respiratory conditions. Professional carpet cleaning prevents mold, eliminates indoor air pollutants, and removes microscopic dust mites.

Protect Your Investment

Carpet makes your home beautiful and comfortable. Regular professional carpet cleaning helps maintain the original quality, look, and feel of your carpet.

Save Time and Money

Why spend time and money on renting a carpet cleaner and solutions that don’t work. North Coast Carpet Pros saves you the hassle of waiting and transporting equipment.

The carpet cleaning technicians at North Coast Carpet Pros are trained and experienced professionals. Our technicians use professional-grade chemicals and expert techniques to remove stains and clean your carpet. We completely remove dirt and excess moisture so your carpet will dry quickly.

BAWe use state-of-the-art professional equipment. Our cleaning solutions are gentle on your carpet and safe for your family and pets. Your technician can suggest supplies and methods you can use to maintain your carpet between professional cleanings.

We’ll give you an honest assessment of what type of cleaning and treatment your carpet needs and provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for our carpet cleaning services. Call North Coast Carpet Pros today for a consultation with one of our professional carpet technicians.

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